Among India's top-5 companies in the space of pure play APIs and Intermediates


It is said that for a commendable success story, the interest should lie in the future, as that is where one spends most of the time. A keen insight and a well-planned development process saw AOL discover the opportunity in the production of Diketene - the basic unit for hundreds of derivatives in pesticides, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and dyestuffs. A highly classified technology, it has been sourced from Shanghai Peng Pu Chemical Works, China, and Xytel Technology Partnership, USA, and now rests in the hands of a few chosen manufacturers across the globe.


The Company, with its immense infrastructure framework has introduced modifications to the Chinese technology and has a current production of 3000 tonnes per annum against an installed capacity of 2000 tonnes per annum. A sprawling facility of 21 acres, the plant is situated 60 kilometres from Hyderabad. The locale is ideal due to its easy connectivity made possible by the well-traversed National Highway # 9 that links Hyderabad with Mumbai.


The massive scale of production has not overlooked safety procedures. A constant check is made at regular intervals to identify loopholes - to begin with, a HAZOP study has been carried out. An audit on safety is conducted by a competent authority every year; that apart safety checks are performed on a daily basis that cover every section of the plant. Protective gear is provided to the workforce to ensure their well being at all times. All this is facilitated by designating a separate department with trained personnel for the sole cause of safety.